Paid to Replace Tombstone Plaque for PFC. Henry Sanchez


“I am blown away with love and gratitude for [3/8 OIF & OEF Veterans]. You are awesome! I so appreciate this so much!” - Pat Ayscue, Henry’s grandmother. 

Assisted Injured Veteran and his Family with Rent and Bills


“Thank you very much for your assistance.” - Bridget Caseltine, Richard’s wife. 

Assisted Injured Veterans with Utility Bills Payment


"Payments went through, thank you very much once again.” -  GySgt. Joe Modestro, 3/8 India Company

 "Caught up on car for first time in awhile, that is a really great feeling, huge weight off! So thanks again for that!!" - Sgt. Joseph Zigler, 3/8 Lima Company.  

Assisted a Wounded Veteran after his House Burnt


"Thank you [3/8 OIF & OEF Veterans] again for helping me out and checking in on me." - Tim Chuzas, 3/8 India Company.  

Paid for a Funeral for a Marine Veteran, Nick Norris


"Thank you so much. The funds will be very helpful.” - Ashely Aldridge, Nick's mother.  

Provided Emergency Financial Assistance to a Marine Veteran


"Thank You [3/8 OIF & OEF Veterans], I do appreciate it and this means a lot to me. Thank You again." - Cpl. Jose Negron, 3/8 India Company  

Provided Financial Assistance to a Injured Vet and his Family


"Brian and I just wanted thank 3/8 OIF & OEF Veterans for going above and beyond in helping us with everything he has done for us! As most of you know probably from personal experience, Marines are very proud, stubborn people....So when Bart Skiba and Ian Boliver [3/8 OIF & OEF Veterans] reached out to us offering to help Brian was hesitant. It has been overwhelming to see how much support we have received over the last few weeks and we truly couldn't be more grateful! With all of the bad that goes on in the world, seeing everyone's love, generosity and support has been such a beautiful thing! It truly has made this uphill battle a little more bearable knowing all of you have our backs! So a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported, and to Bart and Ian for helping us along the way! Semper Fi" - Alisha Callahan 

Helped Reunite a Marines Veteran and His Service Dog


"I would like to extend a huge thank you to 3/8 OIF&OEF Veterans for helping me through a very difficult time recently and ensuring I had everything in order. They made sure all the means to complete my mission to get to from Florida to Ohio and back were available to me and contributed towards the cost of the trip by picking up the difference of what I was unable to come up with myself... And they did so without me even having to ask. Bart Skiba, the President of the charity whom I've known for many years and served with, reached out to me after seeing a post on social media and told me not to worry that they would help me make it happen. And that's exactly what they did. It’s still about the brotherhood and having each other’s backs to this day... This is what they do and I know of several others whom they have been able to help as well. S/F." - Sgt Joseph Zigler, 3/8 Lima Company 

Sponsored 3/8 Lima Company Reunion


"Thank you 3/8 OIF&OEF Veterans for making it easier for us to get together. It's been so long since I've seen our fellow Marines. I know myself and the other Marines greatly appreciate your generosity. Thanks again." - Mark Carpenter, 3/8 Lima Company

"Had a blast this weekend with my brothers from 3/8 Lima Co!! Looking forward to making this an annual thing! Thanks to 3/8 OIF & OEF Veterans, Travis Gundrum and Danielle Gundrum for making it happen for us!" - Joseph Zigler

Paid for a Funeral for a Marine Veteran, Shane Smith


"Thank u so much!!!...I just love the fact that everyone is supporting Shane. Thank you again… so much. I'm amazed at the time and help you guys put into this. My mom is forever thankful.”- Brooke Smith, Shane's Sister 

"Thank you so much for all that you and your organization has done for our family. I really appreciate all of your support." - Dorothy Porter, Shane's Mother  

Worked on Supporting the Veteran Community


"Thank you all for your service. For doing what many are not willing to do so we can enjoy freedom. I hope you will continue to get together periodically to keep the bond strong among the 3/8 OIF & OEF Veterans. God Bless you all, you have more Heart then Scars!" - The Greene Family 

Paid for a Funeral for a Marine Veteran, Blake Thomas


"We really appreciate [3/8 OIF & OEF Veterans] help the last few weeks." - Blake Thomas Sr., Blake's father.